Standing SEG Fabric Lightbox

Backlit Banners, Light boxes & SEG Fabric Frames

Allow your single or double-sided custom visuals to stand out in an innovative way with the Standing SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) Fabric Lightbox. With its beautiful back-lit effect, the Standing SEG Fabric Lightbox is a unique tool to promote your brand and communicate your message in retail stores, art galleries and trade fairs.

Custom artwork on 1 or 2 sides, prepared through a dye sublimation process

Change and replace visuals both quickly and easily

Once the visuals are installed, they are able to remain in-place on the frame due to their silicone beading

LED lighting installed on the side or back of the frame

Aluminum frame is light, yet sturdy

Sizes, configurations and finishing options made-to-measure

UL-certified product, made entirely in-house

Installation and decommission by request

Green option available

This product is available in custom sizes
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Print Media
Paris II HD
Recommended Use
Green Option
  • Can be printed on fabric through our Dye Sublimation Process
  • This product has an aluminum construction