Wall-Mounted SEG Fabric Lightbox

Backlit Banners & Light boxes

Our Wall-Mounted SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) Fabric Lightbox offer back-lit visuals, printed through a dye-sublimation process, that are easy and quick to replace. Ideal for retail environments, museums, exhibits and tradeshows, the Wall-Mounted SEG Fabric Lightbox allows you to display your graphics in a flexible, modern and innovative way.

Custom graphics printed on tension fabric through a dye-sublimation process

Visuals are quick and easy to change and replace from one campaign to another

Silicone beading is sewn to the fabric to facilitate the installation and keep the visual in-place on the frame

Evenly distributed LED lighting on back or side of frame for backlit effect

Lightweight, yet strong aluminum construction

Custom sizes, configurations and finishings available

Made entirely in-house following UL safety standards

Installation services available

Green option available

This product is available in custom sizes
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Print Media
Paris II HD
Recommended Use
Green Option
  • Can be printed on fabric through our Dye Sublimation Process
  • This product has an aluminum construction