Vinyl Signs & Custom Banners

Banners and Signs

Use a Vinyl Sign in an indoor or an outdoor setting, to promote your brand name and message. As a strong and durable product, it is built to last. Its UV resistant inks can be printed either single or double-sided for the perfect custom banners and signs. Get a vinyl sign printed from one of our locations in Toronto or Montreal.



While vinyl signs can be used indoors and outdoors, for temporary to semi-permanent use, they are especially renowned for their ability to withstand harsh elements outdoors, like sun, rain or wind. Vinyl Banners can be used with or without hardware. PNH Solutions also offers fully custom hardware solutions.

Vinyl Sign Print Quality

PNH Solutions can print custom vinyl signs with exceptional image quality, up to 1200 dpi.

Print Media

Our PNH sales representatives can suggest a print media for your vinyl banner and signs that best suits your needs. Our large selection of print media also includes banners that are recyclable.

Finishing Option

From grommets to webbing, there are a couple of different finishing options you may want to consider for your vinyl sign. Based on how you intend on using the product, our sales representatives can suggest one that is suited to your needs.

Hardware Solutions for Banners

PNH Solutions offers a number of different hardware solutions for your Vinyl Banner, including like Satin Step Retractable Banner Stands, Outdoor X-Stands, Floating Banner Systems, Hanging Pole Pockets, Trapeze Systems and more! You can also check out our Tradeshow Displays here

Product Development Capabilities

Would like to modify an existing finishing or hardware option or develop your own? Beyond our standard products, we also offer fully-custom vinyl sign products.


This product is available in custom sizes
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Print Media
  • Flex Vinyl 7oz.
  • Flex Vinyl 13oz.
  • BioFlex Vinyl 15oz.
  • B/O Vinyl 18oz.
  • PET B/O 18oz.
  • PET B/O 18oz.
  • DSS B/O 14oz.
  • Standing
  • Hanging
  • Wall Mounted
Recommended Use
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor